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Audiophile — 3/16/2018 By Paul Wilson

Carl Filipiak and the Jimi Jazz Band — "What Now"

”When I read the CD's title my first thought was what the heck is a Jimi Jazz band? By the second track I realized that was basically a pointless question. What was of far more importance was actually listening to a remarkable jazz guitarist. He has been called "dazzlingly versatile" and has played with an impressive list of jazz artists and has been written up in publications like Guitar World, Jazziz, and Jazz Times. On "What Now," Filipiak delivers seven original tracks and one cover of the Beatles hit, "Strawberry Fields Forever." Beyond his guitar work, bass, saxophone, keyboards and drums in what I would not classify as necessarily traditional jazz, not especially smooth jazz, but more perhaps in line with fusion jazz accompany him. All in all, Filipiak is a very, very talented guitarist who is certainly worth a listen.” 

Overall:  8 Sonics:  8.5  READ MORE »

2018 By Bruce Von Stiers

Cool Rocking Jazz With Filipiak

”Guitarist Carl Filipiak has performed and recorded with some of jazz's top names. He's been written up in Guitar World, Jazz Times and several other publications. Turner Broadcasting and NBC Sports have used Carl's music in their programming.

Not only has he been successful as a solo artist, Carl has garnered praise with his band Carl Filipiak and the Jimi Jazz Band. With this band, Carl recently released a new album. The title of the album is What Now.

What Now has eight songs and a play time of fifty-one minutes. It was produced by Steve Wright and Frank Young and recorded at the Wrightway Studios. The album has six original songs and new arrangements of already established music.

Besides Carl on electric and acoustic guitars, there is Matthew Everhart on bass. Frank Young plays the drums and does percussion. And Paul Hannah is on the saxophone. Brian Simms helps out on the B3 organ on a couple of songs.”  READ MORE »

Staccatofy — 1/26/2018 By Seamus Fitzpatrick

Carl Filipiak and the Jimi Jazz Band, What Now Review

”Guitarist and composer Carl Filipiak has been bringing inventive playing to the Fusion world for years, this versatile, lyrical guitarist, has worked with some the best in the jazz fusion/rock world, like: Dennis Chambers, Victor Wooten, and Grammy nominee Bob Berg.  He has just released a new album of hit sounds called, What Now...”

”Filipiak is a monster guitar player, but he also has that same talent when it comes to songwriting. Filipiak co-wrote three of the tracks with various members of the band, a new approach for the virtuosic guitarist. His melodies are catchy and incorporate sounds of jazz, funk, rock, soul, blues and of course, fusion. Using a warmly distorted Stratocaster sound, Filipiak gets his lines to sing as he builds his solos; never a dull moment with this guy! The band is killin’ too!”  READ MORE »

The Aquarian Weekly — 1/24/2018 By Mike Greenblatt

”What Now (Geometric Records), by Carl Filipiak and the Jimi jazz Band, features five Filipiak originals, a cover of Bobby Hebb’s 1966 “Sunny” and Lennon/McCartney’s 1967 “Strawberry Fields Forever.” Filipiak, a hot guitar man who plays both acoustic and electric buoyed by bass, sax, drums and organ, keeps things moving and, thus, What Now is wholeheartedly recommended.”

New Jazz Adds — 12/11/2017 By Dave Rogers

”Carl Filipiak & The Jimi Jazz Band — What Now (Self-produced): Based in the Baltimore / DC area, guitarist Carl Filipiak offers his third disc with his group The Jimi Jazz Band. Filipiak wrote or co-wrote six of the eight songs on offer and the covers are the Beatles’ “Strawberry Fields Forever” and Bobby Hebb’s “Sunny”. The Jimi Jazz Band includes Matthew Everhart (bass), Paul Hannah (sax) and Frank Young (drums, percussion). Brian Simms adds B3 on two tracks. Whether cover or original material, rock is the center of this music with lots of jazz touches. The funkier sides are especially effective. Filipiak comments in the liner notes that he especially enjoyed the songs that were co-wriiten with the other players and I would agree they add variety and a broader style to this release. Fusion fans should definitely check this out.” READ MORE »

Carl Filipiak and The Jimi Jazz Band mixes contrasts on “What Now”

Lemon Wire — November 28, 2017

”Probably the most surprising thing about “What Now,” especially as it opens, is the rock sensibility of it. The first song, “High Moon” is a Filipiak original. The guitar work is almost breathtaking in its verve and swagger. The entire track moves with the heavy, but malleable, guitar motif. The sound begs the question, “Is this rock, or is this jazz?” It is actually a successful blend of both. “High Moon” sets audiences’ expectations for the rest of the album quite high.” READ MORE »

Midwest — December 1, 2017

”CARL FILIPIAK and the Jimi Jazz Band/What Now: Electric guitar jazz that rocks and rollicks, Filipiak and his cats know how to cut loose with radio friendly jams that get you rollicking along. A cat that knows his ax all too well, they push each other to higher heights with fresh, hot grooves. Fun stuff that's way too easy to take. Check it out.“


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